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Will Pickens

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Will Pickens is a sound designer who primarily works on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regional Theater.

He has been lucky enough to work with amazing designers and collaborators over the last twenty years.

He also has been able to work with influential immersive creators.

Some of that work included Fornicated From the Beatles that was made with Mikhael Tara Garver. FFtB was an immersive concert where the audience and the super fans of that band were connected by texting and social media even before they all came to the concert.


Will is a member of the Woodshed Collective which has produced such shows as Empire Travel Agency and Kpop. These free shows allow the audience to take a look into a world that has been hidden from them even if it had always been in their backyards.


Will is the Sound Designer for Slippery Slope Podcast, an audio drama podcast imagining a near-future wherein certain social elements are taken to their absurdly logical conclusions.
Created & written by Meron Langsner
Directed by DeMone